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Black Contemporary Kitchens

Black and white contemporary kitchens have become the most desirable choice in the world of kitchen redesign, and contemporary designs aren’t just confined to modern homes. They are finding their place in period properties too. It’s the kitchen of choice for many and the design choice works well for busy modern life.

Black contemporary kitchens definitely make a superior style statement. They are bold, they are sleek and they are very cool. We make it our business to offer visually stunning kitchens and our black contemporary kitchens always live up to expectations. Sultry and distinctive, the black contemporary kitchen is perfect for those seeking to take modern to a whole new level.

We understand the kitchen is the heart of the home and with a cutting edge black contemporary kitchen, you’ll have a striking space to live, work, and sit and admire. Perfect for modern living, our contemporary kitchen designs make preparing and cooking food an absolute joy.

Halcyon Interiors are experts in designing bold and beautiful kitchens. Our black contemporary kitchens are intelligently designed with functionality, versatility and beauty at the very heart of every bespoke creation. We incorporate appliances from top rate kitchen suppliers such as Siemens, Miele and Gaggenau, alongside sleek bespoke storage solutions to suit you.

Black contemporary kitchens by ALNO

ALNO Kitchens are world-class kitchen manufacturers. The German kitchen giant is a leading force in the world of innovative kitchen design. Established 85 years ago, ALNO offer expert craftsmanship and a proven flair for keeping ahead of the times. Their contemporary kitchens always live up to expectations with exceptional design features and superior quality.

Not only do ALNO contemporary black kitchens look great, they really stand up to the demands of modern daily life. We know because we’ve worked with ALNO for nearly 20 years. Together with ALNOs leading kitchen manufacturing, our design experts at Halcyon Interiors can guarantee dramatic and sleek bespoke kitchen solutions that last.

We are experts in the design and installation of black and white contemporary kitchens, and our bespoke solutions will bring you a stunning kitchen you’ll absolutely love.