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Grey Gloss Kitchens

Our luxury grey gloss kitchens are the ultimate style statement when it comes to high-end kitchen design. With today’s colour palette looking more restrained than the bold colours used in previous decades, grey is the colour of choice if you are looking to add subtle character and timeless elegance to your kitchen design.

Grey gloss kitchens are great to work with. They blend well with both contrasting and complementary colour schemes. Our expert design team are exceptionally talented at getting exactly the right blend of colours to suit you and your home.

Grey gloss kitchens are both modern and sophisticated. With high gloss grey cabinetry you can subtly transform your kitchen space into a modern oasis. Our grey gloss kitchens have less of the drama of black or white, but still create a fresh, luxurious and contemporary feel.

We take functionality as seriously as style, so our luxury grey gloss kitchens come in a variety of finishes to suit you. They include:

  • Multi lacquered high gloss surface
  • High gloss lacquer laminate
  • High gloss glass surface
  • Glass with coloured lacquer

Our expert kitchen designers will work with you to make sure you get exactly the right gloss finish for your lifestyle.

Modern Grey Gloss Kitchens by ALNO

For over 85 years ALNO have been at the forefront of innovative kitchen manufacturing. Working with skillful craftsmen to create innovative excellence is at the heart of what we do at Halcyon Interiors. We’ve worked with ALNO for nearly 20 years to bring our clientele a combination of outstanding design expertise and beautiful quality bespoke kitchens.

Grey gloss kitchens by ALNO look sensational. If you are looking for an exceptional kitchen design with extremely durable and innovative kitchen furniture, then Halcyon can bring the reputable ALNO brand beautifully into the heart of your home.

Our modern grey gloss kitchens by ALNO are the perfect choice for today’s modern kitchen, bringing a touch of cool personality and classic style to your home.