At Halcyon Interiors we are passionate about innovative and creative kitchen design with a difference. We understand that a kitchen remodel is a big undertaking. Our team at Halcyon have the expertise, design skill and product knowledge to guide you through the process and make your kitchen design journey everything you hope for and a whole lot more. Our promise is to bring you an amazing kitchen and an enjoyable experience.

If you would love a stunning kitchen with cutting edge design features and want to experience a truly wonderful kitchen design journey, please get in touch. Get your kitchen design journey underway and find out more about the different services we offer.

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Designing the perfect kitchen

Designing a truly great kitchen takes creative flair and an exceptional eye for detail. That is exactly what we offer our clients at Halcyon Interiors. Our long-standing design team has exceptional experience and loves to push the boundaries in kitchen design to create a stand-out space that will be the heart of your home.

The design process begins with an appointment at one of our showrooms – the perfect place to gather inspiration and get to know more about the different elements that will make up your kitchen.   Your designer will discuss your ideas and needs for the space, working through each detail to ensure your kitchen is perfect and exactly as you desire.


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Ordering Process

We make sure everything about your kitchen design is perfect. At Halcyon Interiors we passionately believe in making kitchens our clients love to spend time in, so we’ll only start the ordering process once you are completely happy with the design.

Once you’ve signed off the design, we’ll draw up a contract including installation process timings to ensure a smooth kitchen experience every step of the way.

In addition to offering a full kitchen fitting and installation service, we can if needed provide supply-only.

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Expert fitting is as important to us as the design itself. We want every bit of your kitchen to look great and work perfectly.

Expert fitting is as important to us as the design itself.  We want every bit of your kitchen to look great and work perfectly.  We pride ourselves on our exceptional logistics team and experienced fitters. We’ll do everything we can to get your project finished on time, with the highest degree of accuracy with the minimum disruption to your home.

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Halcyon Interiors is consistently on hand during installation and afterwards, if needed.  We want your new kitchen to be the perfectly stylish and functioning kitchen you hoped it would be for many years to come.

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We take the business of kitchen design and installation seriously. We ensure all of our staff are given the appropriate training required to ensure we deliver a kitchen design service with impeccable standards. We adhere to the strictest quality control and have all of the appropriate safety and liability insurance certificates required to give peace of mind to our customers.

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